International forum of Apples and Ciders from the South of the World.

Bio heritage, landscapes and innovation in “Los Rios”
December 15 and 16, 2021.
Free event.


First international event, Apples and Ciders in the region of “Los Rios”.

A territory characterized by a relevant cultural and natural heritage, highlighting a bio heritage food, such as the production of cider, Based on a variety of native apples from this area.

A unique and innovative meeting, which will allow you navigate new trends and exceptional experiences, at a global level through leading men and women from the sector.

Be part of this great adventure and discover the world of cider!


Tasting of ciders, from the “Los Ríos Region”

Tasting held on October 7, 2021, by Pascual Ibáñez and José Antonio Alcalde. Six ciders from the “Los Ríos region” were tasted, discovering characteristics of a noble ferment, due to its production method, flavor and low alcohol content with high heritage, natural and sociocultural value